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Sunday, August 3, 2008

We've gone pink

I figured it was time for a little change. Besides...it's one of my favorite colors and maybe seeing all this pink will somehow bring on the 2 pink lines next month. :o)


We spent last evening at Busch Gardens. I love that place. I don't ride many rides but it's just fun to get out and the park is SO pretty. Flowers and stuff all over the place.

They are doing summer concerts this year. So we decided to join the crowd of rednecks and enjoy the good old Charlie Daniels Band. It was great! That man can SURE play a fiddle!


Oh and last but certainly not least!

My lost pictures?

Are lost no more!!!

The geeks found them! For FREE!!

They were there all along...just hidden somewhere I never would have found them.



ManyMeez said...

I love Charlie Daniels! Long haired country boy is one of my favs!


For Pink, I like it! Hope it brings on the lines!!! Glad you found the pics! I know that had to be a heartstopping moment!

Chris said...

I will always stop what I'm doing to listen to The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Glad you found the pictures! Yay!

Jyl said...

glad you found your pics....and cause of you - i backed up last night : )

Anonymous said...

i love the pink
and know u'll be seeing more pink in the future
it's just meant to be
for u and m
mita and i r really missing u guys
love to u both
any bananas lately?!
xoxo rosa

Anonymous said...

lovely photos!

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tiff said...

yay for pink! hope it brings some good luck for the coming insem(s)!

tbean said...

Yay you got your pictures back!

Ali said...

It is time for us both to be positively pink!

tammy said...

YAY!!!for pink and for the pics being found!!!!!Miss u two, and luv ya!!xoxo

Heidi said...

Hmmmmm are you near Busch Gardens???? I'm heading there the end of the month...if we aren't pregnant....maybe I/we could meet cha??

katherine said...

Good luck with the pink, ladies. =)