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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lines vs YES or NO

I tested this morning. (At 3 am hoping 3 would be lucky). Today is 10 DPO/I.

I got a big fat NO!

I didn't see just a single line or that dreaded stark white test. I saw NO! Actually I say -NO! A negative sign and a no! Talk about a double whammy!

But I'm ok. I'm good. I have NOT lost hope. It's only 10 DPO/I. AF isn't even due til Tuesday. I never got a real positive test until 11 DPO/I anyways. And I SO think if I had a test that had lines there would have at least been a faint line there looking up at me!

I still think it'll be positive in a day or so.

Foolish thinking? I hope not.

I can't stand the thoughts of seeing -NO two days in a row, so we wont be testing until Saturday morning. (Unless I buy a test with lines!)


K J and the kids said...

buy more ! with lines.

Heidi said...

Why do negative tests have to be so mean about it?? I think if you pee on a stick and it is negative some flowers should shoot out one end of it to try and make you feel better!!

Can't wait until Saturday!!!

(ps, digitals are very hard to make positive early, so, I still have lots of hope for you!)

Lizzie said...

So funny! I just had a post this morning about how I like the digitial yes/no tests BETTER because they leave no doubt. Hah. But of course, I've never had a positive. AFter reading your post, I can see why you like the line/no line kind better. Anyway, fingers crossed. You are so positive, your attitude is so great. My fingers are crossed for you. xoxoxo

Meredith said...

That sounds like an evil little test! I agree with PP Heidi who mentions flowers shooting out. They should sell pregnancy tests in two styles: for those who want a no, and those who want a yes, and have confetti or something shooting out accordingly.
Good luck waiting to test. Meghan was much better at that than me.

tiff said...

Oh gosh. Please buy a test with lines!!! I'm dying over here!!! My hope has not diminished!!! TEST TEST TEST TEST! I'm all crossed Kim!

Merr said...

Hey, it's way too early!

NotesFrom2Moms said...

I have my fingers and toes crossed for you two...

jill said...

ok, def. get the ones with lines.. if nothing else it will make you feel better, lol..

the word NO is just ugly..

good luck!!!!!!!!
i'm praying for you guys!!

Stacey said...

LINES!!! we are checking everydy hoping for you..... bring on the lines!! xx

Sparroweye said...

I am so staying positive. I want this for you, as much as you do. ♥

Laurie said...


I found your blog on lesbianfamily.org and have been reading for a few weeks. Just wanted to say hi! Don't lose any hope... those tests can be moody!!


Keri said...

It's still early - I'm keeping the faith!
But just in case, get out there and buy some tests with two lines! Then...send one to me!
Big hug!

Carrie said...

crossing all my fingers and toes for you!