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Saturday, April 5, 2008

CD 12 (with a p.s.)


No smiley face this morning.

This is the last time I want to see a BFN!!

Bring on the positives!

Maybe tomorrow? That would be an excellent birthday gift to M. :o)

P.S. I just found a fortune cookie in the snack drawer at work. It says "YOUR PRESENT PLANS ARE GOING TO SUCCEED". :o)


tbean said...

Phew! So glad you escaped a Sunday ovulation! Can't wait to hear about your SUCCESSFUL try this month!! It is so long past your time!

jill b said...

everything is still crossed for you guys!!..

that would be the best birthday presant i could think of!!...


Marcy "meg" said...

Yea!!!! Bring on that BFP!!!

K J and the kids said...

You and your signs. I wish I had answers like that :)
Maybe it's like the movie with Chandler and Selma Hayek in it.
There are signs everywhere....we just need to look for them.

Here's to a big fat positive.

Heidi said...

Yeah for not a positive!! (feels weird to type that!) But hurry up, I need a tww buddy!! Then we can be pg together too!!!

Liz1971 said...

yeah! i was just thinking of you and popped on over to read your news! may this be the last BFN! :)

happy soon to be bday, m!

Lizzie said...

Yay! So glad you dodged the Sunday-office-closed bullet! Hugs.

tiff said...

woo!! bring on the BFPs!!