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Sunday, February 24, 2008


You all know me and my "signs". Well, let me share some recent ones with you.

These signs have presented themselves by way of dreams. Not my dreams. But dreams of some great friends. Some great friends I haven't even met in person yet!!

First we'll start with K. 6 days ago I came to visit her at her house and I was pregnant and needed to use the bathroom ALOT! LOL

Second was also 6 days ago from L. I came to visit her at her house and she had a Valentine for me. (Ok, so maybe that wasn't baby related but she was thinking of me. LOL)

Third was yesterday from J. Mundy (our dog) was running down a mountain top and got to a spot in the snow where she started to dig. She continued to dig until she found a little purple flower. (A purple flower! Purple is my favorite color. And a Flower? Well, HELLO!)

Last but certainly not least was this morning from P. She was walking in a hospital hallway. The nurse said to her "you must put these on because you have germs"....."the babies are inside the first window on the right". She walked over to the window and there were dozens of small baby beds with babies in them. Some were in pink. Some in blue. There was one bed that looked like it was illuminated in pale blue lights with a soft while glow shining on it. She tried to read the sign on it but couldn't. The bed moved past all the other bed closer to the window so she could see. The sign said: November 13, 2008 - Baby Boy - 7lbs 3 oz. She couldn't see the baby because of the lights. As she started to walk out of the hospital. M and I came walking towards her and said "how do we get to the pond?" (Ok, I'm not so sure about the "pond" question but wow! I like that dream!)

Thank you K, L, J and P for sharing these with me!

Here's another little story. This was not a dream. A friend of mine gave birth to baby #3 on Friday, February 22, 2008. Our Flower #1s due date. This was also her due date. A bunch of my friends and I have been placing bets on delivery date and time. I chose 2-22 at 2:22. Well, Friday was 2-22 and she was induced at 2:22. (I kid you not!)

Coincidence? Probably since I feel like AF is just minutes away. :o) But one can hope. And we can always use these for luck next time if need be. :o)


Liz1971 said...

i totally believe in signs!!!! and no surprise that i'm dreaming of you bc i got you and m on the brain a ton lately!! thinking of you, friend!! xo

Linda Woods said...

I believe in signs, too! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)

tammy said...

kim i so believe in signs!!!!xoxo

Kelly W. said...

Awww, Kim! I believe in signs! And you can use my bathroom anytime.

Anonymous said...

Yuppers! i'm with everyone here- signs signs, everywhere are signs! i like that you are NOT a quitter at this!
I loved the dream I had. it was so warm, even if it was on a mountain top with snow!
Thanks for sharing that!

A said...

I hope your dreams and those signs mean great things for you - I, too believe in signs. Good luck! :)