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Saturday, February 23, 2008

14 DPI/O

Yesterday was rough. Thanks for all your kind words.

I tested yesterday morning and got the ONE pink line. I couldn't deal with seeing that again, so I skipped the stick this morning. AF is due tomorrow and as of this moment, there's no sign of her. No spotting. No nothing. I always spot.

I have mentioned how crazy this is driving me, right? OMG! I'm going nutso!

Ok, I'm sure I'll jinx myself by saying this but here's how I've been feeling for the past 14 days!!

-Crampy since 1 DPI/O.
-Headaches. (but probably due to lack of caffiene. I quit my diet pepsi. I'm a Sierra Mist Free girl now..lol)
-Super bitch about 3 DPI
-Smelly pee. M even noticed that. TMI? Sorry.
-Very tired.
-Peeing more.
-A few backaches.
-Restless at night. Tossing and turning.
-Hot and cold at night.

Ok, so if we miraculously get a BFP then I'm saying these were pregnancy signs/symptoms and if AF shows her ugly self then I guess these were due to the progesterone I'm taking or just nerves. I KNOW I've had these....they aren't my imagination playing tricks on me.

So, here's hoping it's not the silver bullets talking.

And if it is? Then we just try again. But this time for a late November flower rather than the early one. :o)


Lizzie said...

Holding out hope for you. Lots of love.

Marcy "meg" said...

Still holding out hope for you.....

Sparroweye said...

I still think this is it. My doctor
could never get a positive on me, until he felt the enlarging uterus.
But I had sore boobs, and it felt
like I had a lump in the pit of my groin. Like you ate too much but it does not go away. And with two pregnancies I spotted for three months. Talk about scared. He said something about it being a cyst that would go away. And with second pregnancy they thought I had a tubal pregnancy. But we waited, and it turned out to be a Paul. Ha Ha. Pregnancy is so strange. It is a wonder anyone ever gets pregnant.

La said...

We are prayimg with you...Ali is having all the same signs. Uggghhhh!

Cheryl said...

I understand how you feel. This journey is hard. I have been on it a long time as well.

Mom G said...

still praying, sinding love and light
cranberry juice that will help.

tbean said...

Thinking of you and still hoping.

tiff said...

Oh, I have all my fingers crossed Kim!

Teaberry said...

November is great! That's my birthday month! :)

Fingers crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

Just trying to help...artificial sweetners are not good when you are trying to get/stay pregnant. I think Sierra Mist Free has something artificial in it. I hope it works out for you this time..glad to hear that it was you on Rosie's blog ;)