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Thursday, February 21, 2008

12 DPI/O

Hi. My name is Kim. I'm a POAS addict.

Is there a group for this? Where do I sign up?

Sunday/8DPI = 1 pink line.
Monday/9DPI = I had some self control and didn't test.
Tuesday/10DPI = 1 pink line.
Wednesday/11DPI = 1 pink line.
Thursday/12DPI = 1 pink line.

AF isn't due til Sunday and I haven't had any spotting yet. I still have a shot right?

I'm really freakin' driving myself crazy with this. On one hand I just know that I'm pregnant. I just know it! But on the other hand, I don't think I am. Could we really get 3 BFP's in a row? I doubt it.


Here's some of the crazy stuff that keeps going thru my head.....

-The 4 tests that we've used were $Tree tests. Maybe it's a bad batch.

-Maybe they accidentally put OPKs in the box instead of pregnancy tests thus causing the single pink line.

-I've just tested too early.

-When we got our BFP's the last 2 times, they were both on 11DPI/O. 11DPI/O was yesterday and it was negative. UGG!

-BUT we inseminated a day earlier this time than the last 2.....so MAYBE I should count yesterday not as 11DPI/O but as 10DPI/O.

See? I'm going crazy!

I will test again tomorrow. I can't help it. I just have to. Only this time, I'll use the First Response stick (no more of the $Tree bad batch ones) and it'll show TWO pink lines.



I can't give up yet!! AF's not here!!

Lord help me!!


AllAngela said...

You'll be fine. Right before I met my husband out at a bar, I took a test and it was glaringly negative. So what did I do? Enjoyed some wine and a shot of Patron! Two days later, I stared in disbelief at the two really dark pink lines on the test. I really enjoy reading your blog and wish you and M the best of luck!

j.k-c. said...

Oh, I've made myself crazy like this too. I think after a few cycles of POAS like crazy and always BFN, I decided that it wasn't worth it. The pain of looking at the BFN was worse than just getting AF. Last cycle I didn't test once! I just figure, eventually I will know whether or not I test.
Good luck breaking the addiction and more importnat, good luck on getting a nice sticky BFP!

NotesFrom2Moms said...

i'm sending pink pink pink vibes your way... and when we switched from $tree to regular - we got our positive. Here's hoping you have the same luck.

K J and the kids said...

You are so funny.
You showed a positive early the last time because there were 2. so maybe this time will be on day 14.
I knew a girl who tested positive on the day AFTER her period was due and she was pregnant with twins.
Wishing you lots of luck for that positive.

Melissa said...

Same boat as you. Tested this morning and BFN. I'm still holding out hope for both of us!!

Mom G said...

It's not Friday yet & all those worries are normal.
Frist thing in the morning...tomorrow.
prayers for blessings,

Lizzie said...

I haven't tested yet, Kim. But it seems like you're burning through enough tests for both of us! (Just kidding!) Here's hoping it turns to two lines for you tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!

Shawna said...

Throw those dollar store sticks out!!! I was six weeks pregnant and still got negatives!!!

I think they probably work 50% of the time but never once did they work for me.

I remember peeing on one of those and just knowing I was pregnant and so I bought a First Response and that showed two lines and the dollar tree one was still stark white!!

You're still early lady...your little one could be making itself comfy I write this!!

Hang in there.

rae said...

i'm going to hold out hope with you. its your turn....its totally your turn.
hugs always

Merr said...

Well I am glad that i am not the only one with all these thoughts. I think there should be a group, because I would join too. Even when it is negative I tell myself it could be too early and such. What a nightmare!

Renee and Janice said...

It's never over til AF comes and shows her ugly head :) Don't lose hope!

Ali said...

Still negative for us, I'm holding out hope too. for both of us.

Marcy "meg" said...

I am still holding out lots of hope for ya!

Sara said...

Fingers crossed!

Chris said...

Of course I'm crossing my fingers and sending positive mojo (hopefully not flu-laden).

Susan says if you want to know for absolutely sure, you should get a ClearBlue Digital because it is the most sensitive out of all of them. All the others get a positive at 20 hcg or higher, the CBD gets a positive at 8 hcg. Also, it clearly says "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant" so you're not squinting at little pink lines. They're a little more expensive but since you're on a POAS frenzy, it might help :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't give up girls!!!! There is still hope :) I have everything crossed for you, and hoping that 12 or maybe even 13 (gasp!) is lucky for you!! Ahhh, hoping, hoping, hoping, hoping. . . . . . .

tbean said...

Oh Kim...the last few days of the 2ww are such such torture. Fingers crossed for you.