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Monday, January 14, 2008


Is that even a word? Well, it is now and I'm gonna use it.

Happy 1 year Blogiversary to M and I! :o)

One year ago today we took the plunge into the blog pool. Alot has happened. Some good. Some not so good and some just down right cruel. Of course there are a few things I would love to go back and change but one that I'm happy to stick with is....Yall. I feel so blessed to have had the chance to "meet" each of you. I thank you for your advice and kind words when they were needed.

Here's hoping that when I write our Blogiversary post #2 that we have a little flower somewhere in the house with us. :o)


We still haven't heard from the doc about our test results but I'm sure we will sometime this week. You'll know shortly after we do.


Like I said in a previous post, we have decided to switch donors. I called today to place my order only to be reminded that I have to have a form signed and notarized before the purchase can be made. So needless to say, I hit the road to find a notary and now that all important form is waiting in the mailbox to be picked up. So hopefully I'll be taking a road trip sometime next week to pick up the swimmers.

Our 2nd choice donor is sold out and has a waiting list. We can't wait for that so we've gone with our 3rd choice. Maybe 3 will be our lucky number this go round? Donor #3. Try #3.

Who knows.


Rachel said...

Good luck with number 3!

Melissa said...

Happy Bogaversary! I hope a change in donor is exactly what you need to turn things around

vee said...

Happy Blogiversary. And I like 3. £ is a good number. Good luck.

Marcy "meg" said...

I hope #3 is it! Happy Blogiversary!

vee said...

Oops - that was supposed to be a 3. I must have his shift at the same time!

K J and the kids said...

Happy Blogiversary. I think a lot of us started up around the same time. :) weird.

Good luck with your #3. if anyone can work those numbers girl...it's you !

Jen said...

Yay to try # 3, and choice #3! Our first and second choice were out as well so Maddie was a result of our 3rd choice. Of course, now we think that donor is #1!

tui said...

Happy Blogiversary! (phew hard to spell that one! lol)

Yay and good luck for #3!!

Holly said...

Happy Blogiversary!
I like the number 3. Best of luck. Switching donors was the right decision for us!

Merr said...

YAY! Happy Blogiversary to you! Third try is always a charm!

Mom G said...

Happy Blogiversary...kinda like that word.
Here's praying third times a charm... Long prayers for you! Have a wonderful day.
by the bunches.
(Mom G) wanna make sure you know I am me. Ya know!

notesfrom2moms said...

Me and luck just got reacquainted and I think 3 is a lucky number!

Liz1971 said...

goooooo, 3! wooot, wooot, wooot! :) thinking of you guys! xo

Teaberry said...

Best of luck! And, Happy Blogoversary!

tiff said...

That's great that y'all have switched donors. Good luck girls - no one deserves it more!!! Happy Blogiversary!

Gooch said...

Hi. We don't know each other, but I've linked her from other blogs that I read. I recently started blogging and find it amazing that there are sooooo many other lesbian family blogs out in cyberspace. Anyhow, I wanted to say hello.


J said...

You know we are all pulling for you ladies. =)
Also, I tagged you on my blog with a meme that has been going around if you would like to do it.