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Sunday, November 18, 2007

12 weeks today!

And I've got a lot of rambling to do but first let me say.....

12 weeks = 3 months, 3 months = first trimester, First trimester = YIPPPEEEE!!!

We made it thru the first trimester! Holy cow! Now we just need to keep it up!

We decided this time around that we would wait until after the first trimester to announce to tell everyone about our flowers. So yall know what means! We can tell people now! We are however gonna wait until after our next doctor visit on Tuesday...just in case.

But never the less.....WE MADE IT THRU OUR FIRST TRIMESTER!!

Ok now time for some ramblings to catch yall up with whats been going on with us.

So, last Saturday M decided to go play flag football with some peeps from the FD. She was given instructions NOT to get hurt. So what did she do? She got hurt. A little. She was going for a flag and got her ring finger caught in the guys sweatshirt drawstring thingy. Her finger ended up bleeding, swollen and black and blue and the guy ended up with a whelp on his butt from the thingy snapping back. :o) The finger is better now.

I twisted my ankle and almost ate dirt last Wednesday. I stepped out the back door in my sock feet and as my left foot hit the porch it rolled. OUCH! I was able to catch myself with the porch railing and door. I didn't fall but did a quick squat instead. It swelled and bruised just a tiny bit. It's all better now.

So that brings us up to this weekend. Yesterday to be more specific. Flag football day. UGH! Again M was instructed NOT to get hurt. And again what does she do? Gets hurt. Big ouchy this time. After going for the ball she came down the wrong way on her foot and injured it. After a visit to the doc in a box yesterday and an x-ray later she was told nothing was broken or sprained but that she needed to stay off it until Friday, keep it elevated, iced and take ibuprofen. It hurts. It's swollen, bruised and she can't put any pressure on it. So she's hobbling around on crutches. And what makes it even worse? She had promised to go shopping with me yesterday! What a way to get outta fighting crowds and spending money we don't have! :o) Oh and she was supposed to be on call this week for the fire marshalls office! Her boss has banned the fire marshalls from football. HA!

I think that's all the ouchy news we have. (knock on wood)

Now back to baby stuff.

I finally think my fat bump is turning into a baby bump! I've never been skinny...always had a bump but I think the bump is changing. I used to be able at least feel my hip bones when I laid down....well they are gone now. And I have these marks/indentions where I think they used to be. LOL I haven't been able to fit into my jeans since 8weeks but now my "big girl" stretchy jeans are getting snug. We've been taking belly pics since week 8 and we haven't really noticed a difference but I don't think it will be long now until we do. Oh and did I mention I gained 3 pounds this past week?! 3 pounds in 1 week! UGH! I know I'm probably gonna be huge and I'm looking forward to finally showing but my word! I'm gonna be really ticked off if I'm getting fat for no reason! :o) I know! I know! I have 2 good reasons but I just can't help but have that little voice in my head laughing at me cuz I'm getting fat. LOL My mom's already laughing at me and she hasn't even seen me!

Question for yall. When you were pregnant did you have an abundance of snot? This is ridiculous. I've been stuffy, congested and snotty since our first pregnancy back in June. I thought maybe it was just allergies or something but I've had a few women tell me it might be related to pregnancy. You know, of course, I googled it and sure enough I found some stuff saying that it very well could be pregnancy related. I called my OB and she said I could take sudafed or actifed but those things make my heart race. She then referred me to my regular doc in hopes that maybe they could prescribe something. I went Friday and was given amoxicillin..just in case it is an infection and also a script for some allergy medicine that I can't think of right now. Starts with a Z. Anyhow the doc said these were safe to use but now I'm scared to take them. I googled the drugs and some sites say to try and hold off on stuff like that until after the first trimester. So we're gonna run these drugs by the OB on Tuesday and if she has good things to say then I'll start taking them. It's just that I've been SO careful up to now not to do or take anything that wasn't absolutely necessary. I need this snot to go away. I can't breathe. It's really bad. My lips are chapped cuz I have to constantly breathe thru my mouth. My nose looks like dried up Rudolph nose and I should buy stock in some tissue company. The mornings are really bad. I sneeze like a dozen times before I get out of the house for work and then all my co workers gotta put up with my honking and sniffling nose all day. Where's all this snot come from? The only time I'm not stuffy is when I sleep. Thankfully! But as soon as I get up and start moving around the snot gates open. Sorry...I know I've grossed some of yall out.

I know there was more stuff I wanted to tell yall but my mind is blank right now. I think I need to jot down little notes so I don't forget what I want to so say.

Oh, 1 more thing. Not injury or baby related. Yall remember my non-brother? The brother that said M and I were abominations to GOD and that we were gonna split hell wide open and that wont bring his children around when M and I are at my parents. Well because of him my parents are having 2 Christmas' this year. One for M & I and one for the brother and non-brother. Sad huh? His loss. M & I will be heading to Kentucky December 5 to spend a few days celebrating Christmas and our flowers with my folks. I'm really looking forward to it. I hope I'm showing by then. :o) If nothing else, I know I'll have a turkey and pumpkin pie bump when we get back.

Bah hum bug to the non-brother.

Happy early Thanksgiving! We'll be spending that across the street with M's family. The WHOLE family.

p.s. Thanks for the 11 comments on our last post. :o)


ohchicken said...

i've got the pregnancy snot in full force. i've stayed away from sudafed and claritin thus far. i've taken benadryl at night to dry me out and help me breathe thru my nose. and i've using a saline nasal spray with menthol, and that clears the nasal passages for awhile. also, a vicks humidifier has helped on nights when it's really bad.

happy 12 weeks! you're exactly 2 weeks ahead of me :)

Two Mamas said...

I think you should put your partner in a bubble for the next 200 days or so. Hopefully, she won't get hurt because she's going to need all of her strength for those babies!!

Glad to hear you're doing great and getting a baby bump! Girl, you've got to get some maternity jeans. You can eat all you want and they expand!

Congrats - and second trimester - here we come!

Julie said...

I have been waiting for an update from you guys. Yay for second trimester! No yays for injuries though..keep safe!
I am wondering if they are putting you on zyrtec. I loved that stuff when I was on it!

Kim said...

Julie - Yes that's it. Zrytec.

Bobby said...

KIMK and M,

sounds like Flag Football is a NO NO !! LOL I love how the F.M. banned the idea!! Of course, it is a good way to nto go shopping when you get hurt. Hmmm, I think I would rather have the brusied finger than something on my rump! Yikes that had to hurt.

I love reading the excitement in your words, and the constant looking over of ones body for changes during pregnancy. It remains such a mystery to me.

Sad about the non-brother. I do not understand people. Anger, or not allowing ones self to be open perplexes me at times. Never the less, time changes things in the end.

Hope you have a wonderful THANKSGIVING!!! May your flowers keep blooming!!!


K J and the kids said...

Glad it's nothing major...a few bruises.

I didn't even take Tylenol when I was pregnant.
I say hold off on anything that you have to google before taking.
Yes I was congested. It's as if all the membranes in your body swell. Oh and the fluid triples :)
Good luck in the breathing department.

tbean said...

Wow--congrats on being at the end of trimester 1! What an exciting time--to be able to finally tell other people. And just in time for the holidays! Stay injury free and enjoy your thanksgiving--can't wait to hear about tuesday's appt.

Kim said...

KJ-I have a feeling the meds are gonna stay in the bottle. As crappy as I feel and as red as my nose is....I'm too affraid to take anything. Heck M wont even let me carry the laundry basket for fear it's too heavy.

It's the holidays right? My nose will just be a festive red! :o)

Mimi said...

Your brother pisses me off....my brother is gay and I LOVE HIM...However my OTHER brother is an ass...he is like your non brother..but you know what in the end he will lose....I just feel bad for your parents...my father was always in the middle..any who as for your partner...tell her she isnt young any more....lol..love you guys can't wait to find out what the sex of your babies..My daugher took Zyrtec when she was pregnant and my grand daughter is fine and healthly...

j.k-c. said...

Congrats on the milestone!!
I take Zyrtec and my docs (I've asked my PCP, my previous gyn and my new gyn) have all said that I can keep taking it. But I totally understand the desire to keep your body clear of extra chemicals.
Take care of yourself (both of you).

Marcy "meg" said...

Yeah for 12 weeks!!!!

kittenroar5 said...

I'm excited I get to be the 12th comment on the 12th week! Congrats on a wonderful 1st trimester! Here's to 2 more that are happy and healthy!

Ali said...

Yeah for 12 weeks!!!
THat is wild about the 11 comments.. I wonder if anyone else noticed that and didn't want to add to the numbers.

All U Need is LOVE......(and swimmers) said...

Congrats on making it thru the 1st Tri!! I hope the pregnancy snot stops soon for you. You're right, it is your non-brother's loss that he won't be spending Christmas with you guys. Will your other brother be coming while you are at your parents? Have a safe trip!!


La said...

We are sooooo excited for you both. I remember when Ali was pregnant the first time...the snot thing was raging. Sorry to hear about the news of the brother....our prayers for him. We hope to post news soon..til then.....HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 12 WEEKS!!!!

Holly said...

Congrats on having the first trimester behind you!
What is it with the two of you getting hurt. Be CAREFUL!!!

That little baby bump is going to be much more than "little" in no time! LOL!!!!

Mom G said...

Humidifier. Try that. That always helped me. Sleeping and waking up with a clogged head was never fun!

Second trimester! YES!
You are all love to God. Do not listen to those dark people. That is absurd. Love, love, love. That is why we are here.

Go get you some big paints, I cant wait to see that bump get bigger and bigger! I wish I had mine still-I would send to you!
Always in my prayers X4
Blessings to you!

Michelle said...

YAY for making it safely out of the1st trimester (BTW, nice going M... a klutz after my own heart...must be the name)

Hope the next two trimesters go nice and smooth for you all - BTW still need to send you guys a lil something we have for u - need an address of some sorts.

LOTS and LOTS of luv to all 4 of u from all 4 of us -

Em said...

I couldn't resist responding to this since we're currently studying antihistamines in Pharmacology. Benadryl (dipenhydramine) and Zyrtec (cetrizine) are the only antihistamines really recommended during pregnancy. They're both class B drugs, meaning that they are considered to be safe after the first semester.