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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I'm eating ALOT of it! And as hard as it is for me to believe....I'm getting tired of it. Tired of eating. How weird. You would think after depriving ones self of good stuff for 32 years, now having the chance to eat would be good. It's not. LOL I eat and then like 2 hours later I'm starving again. By the time dinner time rolls around I'm so tired of eating it makes me sick to think about it.

And I've found that I don't do well with raw chicken. Last night was the easy chicken and stuffing dish. You know, cut up the raw chicken, toss it in the dish, toss in some cream of chicken and top with stuffing. Well, I had to have M cut the chicken up. No problem there. But then I got a whiff of it and almost gagged. NOT fun. Then came the eating part. That didn't happen. I took one bite and that's all she wrote. Who knew one could gag on yummy chicken and stuffing?

So what did I have for dinner you ask? A chalupa and cheesy potatoes from Taco Bell of course! LOL

And just when I thought I was safe at work with no reason to be gagging(no chicken in site here).....I walk down the hall, past the lab and it hits me. Holy yucky smell! I cover my nose and mouth and stick my head in to see where that horrible smell is coming from and what do I find? A BIG block on marijuana! An 18lb block to be exact! Okay, that's a lot of pot and that's a lot of stink!

Lesson learned. Stay away from chicken and pot.



Keri said...

That sounds like good advice for any person! :) Very funny.

Melissa said...

So I guess that would mean chicken pot pie would be completely off the list :)

Kim said...

Melissa - You know, I thought of that but didn't want to jinx myself with the pie thing. LOL

hotomiky said...

I cant stand RAW inside of chicken - Yeeew -- even tho I'm not preggy

oh holy cow - 18lbs of maryjane!

That would be wise to stay away!

Cant wait to see pix of your bean real soon :o)

tbean said...

this post cracked me up
so glad you are feeling so VERY pregnant these days
makes waiting for Friday all the more fun!!

Holly said...

Sounds like great advice! LOL!!

ohchicken said...

i had chicken pad thai the other day--a normal fave--and almost vomited because it smelled like horse manure.

shortmama910 said...

LMAO.......is all i can say!!!!xoxo

K J and the kids said...

SOOO with you on the raw meat thing. I got so I couldn't open the fridge. :)

ALMOST picture day !