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Monday, September 24, 2007

Holy Cow!

We did it again! We're pregnant! This is just freakin' unreal! We're SO excited and I'll just speak for myself this time and say I'm scared. Absolutely. To. Death!

Happy thoughts! Positive sticky thoughts! Happy thoughts! Positive sticky thoughts!

That's what I have to keep telling myself along with "GOD got the first pick of the litter last time. He wont do that again." Please don't do that again.

We told M's parents over dinner last night. Well, just before dinner. During the blessing. Dad T finished up the blessing and M said "and bless the little one that's in Kim's tummy too". They were speechless. They knew we had tried again and were waiting but they were still speechless. Literally. They didn't say anything.

M & I agreed later that wasn't exactly the reaction we were hoping for but hey at least they didn't take our steaks away and ask us to leave. :o)

My folks on the other hand were just too funny! They both have been sick the past couple of days. Some sort of bug. Mom now says it's the flu. Anyhow I was trying to come up with some cool way to tell them other than just say "Hey, we're pregnant". Telling them face to face was out of the question since they are 500 miles away and we're not gonna be out there til December. So here's what we came up with.

I called them up. Talked to Dad a bit. He didn't ask, I didn't tell. Then I spoke to mom. She sounded like crap. She told me all about her day and how crappy she felt and all that stuff and then she asked. I lied. She asked about the test and I said we still didn't know. I then went on to tell her that M and I had been looking online and we had found an article about a virus and that all the symptoms matched hers. I told her to go check her email and read it while I was still on the phone so we could see if it really was what was wrong with her. She grumbled a bit and said she would.

What she was about to find out was that the "virus" email was the pic of positive test and the one of M & I holding the OMG! We're Pregnant sign!!

I could hear her typing and then she says she sees the email and then

Mom - Is this for real?
Me - Yep, it's for real. We're pregnant. You're having sympathy morning sickness!
Mom - Well, my word! That's great! Harold come and read this.
Mom - Read this
Dad - I can't see it
Mom - Read this...read this word P-R-E
Dad - YIPPEEE ( or YAHOO, I can't remember which)

I got Dad on the phone and told him he was going to be a pa-paw again. (I'm from the country. We say Maamaw and Paapaw) He said it was 'bout time. He congratulated us and wanted to know when we were coming home so he could get to spoiling the kid. :o)

Mom gave her motherly advice and told me to walk easy. Sit down easy. Stand easy. Take it easy and take my vitamins.

Yes, Mother. :o)

I go in tomorrow morning at 0915 for the "official" pregnancy test and first beta. We'll get the results back tomorrow evening.

That's that.

We're pregnant and I'm scared.


Marcy "meg" said...

hey there!!! I am so happy for you girls and glad that you have the love and support from your family! Take care of yourself!!!!

Melissa said...

I understand your fear but don't let it consume you. This pregnancy is already way different than the last one in that you have a larger support system this time around.

Keri said...

Yay!!! HooRay!!! & I love the story of telling your parents!

I'm sure everything's going to be fine. Just stand easy, sit easy and do whatever else your mother told you to do!

Jake said...

Well YAY!!
I'm so happy for you gals! Family support is great- and remember: you have your extended blogger friends support as well!
Sit easy, stand easy, don't stand on your head unless absolutely neccesary, etc.

Dee said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!! Take care of yourself, take it easy, don't stress, relax, and in nine months, or 8 and a 1/2 you'll be holding the beautiful bundle of joy.

La said...

Sooooo very excited for you both. Praying lots of let it stick.

e. said...


i am sending VERY sticky vibes your way!!! :)

K J and the kids said...

That your family is so supportive is amazing.
Sorry that m's family gave you the silent treatment...that sounds a little familiar :) ha ha
Good luck tomorrow. I can't wait to hear what the doctors orders are :)

Louise said...

Woohoo!!! Congratulations from a reader in Canada!!! Way to go! I'm so happy for you guys.

Anonymous said...

great news - I have a silly question were you both trying to get pregnant at the same time? If one is so is the other one right - YAHOO!!!!

Stay safe relax - breathe. ;o)

Anonymous said...

That was me - sorry MS other here... Palestar

Jen said...

How wonderful! That is super exciting. We are cheering you and that little bean on here! You really are a fertile gal! Take it easy and stay positive and listen to mama!

Meredith said...

Yay for June babies and congrats again to both of you!

Anonymous said...

perfect time of year to be pregnant...then the summer off!!
Seems weird having these overwhelming feelings of joy for people I don't even know...But, I really care and I am really excited for you!!
Daily blog please LOL
this may leave a comment...most likely not...but the energy is out there for you