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Sunday, September 9, 2007


Well, guess what?

We're still waiting....waiting very impatiently for that +OPK. Erg! I wonder if somehow I missed it? Did my CBE stick do me wrong? Will I not O this month? Or will it just be late? Will this month be a bust? Will we have to wait 'til next month? Will I ever O again!? Am I losing my mind? Will I ever be sane again? How is M putting up with me?


And as if all that wasn't enough to stress me out....I've gotta go back and work with the preggo crew at the other dispatch office again tomorrow and Tuesday! And get this...I wont have internet while I'm there! I might actually have to WORK!

Onto other news.

My nephew came home from the hospital last week. He's doing good. He'll be in a neck brace for 3 months and just has to keep an eye on his finger and on the incision in his side where they had the tube. He'll be fine. Thankfully!

We decided to take the whole gang(M's parents, bro-in-law and her 3 nieces) to Busch Gardens yesterday. Fun times!

And one silver lining for not having a +OPK is that I got to ride this yesterday! This is the Griffin. The newest ride at Busch. 205 feet up and 90 degrees STRAIGHT down! HOLY COW! WAY fun!

Here's a few pics from our day-o-fun.

M with her twin nieces, K & J.

Miss Kim with the youngest, L and the twins.

M(the kid that will never grow up) & niece K.


Bobby said...

Hi KIM & M!!!!
Still thinking of you all, and getting that positive result you so badly wish for! It will happen one of these days! I believe in you two so deeply!

Glad the nephew is home, and OK! Such a tough lesson to learn, and thankfully no one was killed!!!

I LOVE BUSCH GARDENS!!!! I went on the same version of the griffin in Tampa 2 years ago! I am not suppose to ride any roller coaster becuase I damaged my inner ear years ago on one. However, I still chance it!! LOL Does your version spew water from behind it? The one in tampa dipped down near the water, and made a huge trail of bursting waves as it went by! It was awesome! Sounds like you all had a fun weekend!!!

Sorry you might not have internet at work!! HA HA!! I have to sneak around offices to use mine!!

Have a good one!
~ B

M said...

Hey babe,
I "put up with you" because I said "I DO" which meant for better or for worse till death. You are my heart and soul, my entire life. My life is complete and full because you are in it. Love you and we WILL have a baby we just have to be patient.

hotomiky said...

I know how you feel excatly!!! Believe me!!! When we r trying to get "ovualate" to get K - VERY late!! I thought I missed so went dr to have bloodwork to show something if I miss or what? They said I didn't miss it...So we waited and finally ovulate -

Try to be patience - I know its drive you nut! Believe me - I know...

Hang in there -

tbean said...

It'll happen this week. I just know it. And, hey--that ride looked mighty fun!!

Melissa said...

It will happen, don't lose hope.

K J and the kids said...

Good luck with the positive.
There is still time.

Maybe the ride shook what needed to be shook :)

Gpawilli said...

Hey Kim -

Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you.....