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Monday, August 13, 2007

A weight has been lifted!

We told my mom about our baby plans! Whew! And it went well! Even bigger WHEW!

Long story short I told her this was one thing that my non-brother couldn't beat me to. HA! I told her she and dad were gonna be grandparents again and M and I were gonna be mommies. She was totally fine with it. Well totally fine to our faces...she probably freaked out when we left. She was sad about our loss and that I had to deal with it without her. I really could've used my moms shoulder that week.

Here's a couple of things I'll never forget about telling her.

1. My mom saying that she was behind us 100%

2. M telling her that she gets to teach them to hunt and drive a tractor. :o)

3. The group hug that mom wanted between her, M and I.

4. The smile on moms face when M told her that I would (hopefully) be 33 when our child is born. (my mom, my grandma and great grandma were all 33 when they gave birth)

6. Mom telling me she wants to know everything about this.....wants lots of emails :o)

5. The smile on moms face when she said how excited she was that her baby was having a baby. :o)

Mom said it would probably be better to hold off on telling dad right now. So I'm leaving that up to her. She can either tell him or let me know when the coast is clear.

That's that. :o)

On another note....

I'm in a different office...in a different city this week for work. Our dispatch office is getting new phone system so we've moved to a neighboring dispatch center until the work is complete. Their crew today consists of 2 guys and 3 chicks. 2 of the 3 chicks are pregnant. 1 of whom I noticed as soon as she walked in is very pregnant and the other I didn't realize until they both lifted their shirts and started comparing baby bumps. I tried so hard to keep it together but when the talk turned to feeling the babies kick, the tears (and snot) started rolling. I had to leave my partner alone while I quietly as possible exited the room.

Wow! This just sucks!

I wanna be pregnant too!


Keri said...

I'm happy to hear your moms response was so great - of COURSE it was! Her baby will have a baby!

Merr said...

Wow that is awesome! I am glad your mom reacted well. That is just what you needed.
Sorry about the pregnant women, they're all over the damn place. You'll have your turn again soon!

K J and the kids said...

I CANNOT believe it went so well. SERIOUSLY your mom is the GREATEST !
33 seems to be the magical number !

Chris said...

That's really great to hear. I'm glad your mom is so happy for you. It's always good to have Mom on your side :o)

Kirsten said...

I am so happy for you that your mom will be there for you when you tell her you are pregnant. I am also so sorry that she did not know before so she could be there for you. Don't stress too much about Dad...I'm sure everything will fall into place.

La said...

Glad to hear all went well. Your story gives hope to others.

tbean said...

Yay! I was so hoping that your mom would react well--it will be so helpful to have her support for try number 2!!! So happy for you!!

Melissa said...

I'm so glad that your visit with your family went so well. It helps to know you have your family on your side.

Holly said...

That's amazing! How wonderful that she is so supportive!
Our moms both told us that they would tell the dads in their own time. Funny, isn't it?!?!

hotomiky said...

that is a wonderful new! I'm glad the weight has been lifted.


Marcy "meg" said...

Awesome news about your mom!

Sorry about the work situation...

Bobby said...

I love the support shown by your mother, and the relief you express in revealing that you both wanted to be parents, and your unfortunate low in the process.

M’s comment on hunting/tractor lesson’s ; had me laughing! I love it!

Group hug!!! Nothing more can be better than a mother’s love shared in a hug. It is something you can always feel, and remember when a mom is not around. What a memory!

As for your loss, I can only show you both in words the sorrow I feel for you. However, it is wonderful to see you both rising from this misfortune and attempting to be parents. A test of the spirit, and as a couple. It seems you have overcome!

I will have you both in my thoughts; for a happy future as moms!

Peace to you both!