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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I'm scared

I don't even know if I should write this or not. But I feel getting it out of my system might make me feel better. Well probably not. I really just wanna hear some reassurance from yall.

Ok, everyday since May 30, the day we had our IUI, I've been checking the tissue after using the restroom. For a few days I wanted to see a little something....I wanted to see implantation bleeding. Then I checked because I didn't want to see anything...didn't wanna see AF. Ok, so I still check. I guess I will for the next 8 months. Well, late yesterday evening I saw a little pink in my undies. Just a little but it was enough to be seen and totally freak me out. There was nothing on the tissue.

I was off yesterday and did a little around the house. Nothing major and didn't do any lifting or anything. I helped M mow yesterday evening but that was on the riding mower. I had a little cramping, if you could even call it cramping, off and on all day, but it wasn't anything I thought I should worry about. It wasn't bad at all but enough to tell that something was going on in there.

Am I over reacting?

Please tell me I'm ok.

Needless to say I didn't sleep much last night and I can barely keep myself together at work now as I type this. I've cried so much I feel like I'm going to throw up (or is that morning sickness?). My eyes are swollen and I can't get the bad thoughts outta my head.

We're leaving in 2 days for our vacation. I should be happy and excited but I'm so scared I can barely function.

* 0930 hrs---just went to the restroom and there was about an inch long brown mucus looking thing on the tissue. I don't mean to be gross. I just want to know what yall think. I'm really not liking this.


K J and the kids said...

I did the same thing with Syd.
We left camping because I was sure I was miscarrying. It only lasted a couple of days and then maybe once more a little later. I think it's left over from implamentation or maybe from the uterus stretching.
You are fine. Take it easy. I've known women to have HEAVY bleeding and everything is ok.
Brown bleeding is very normal. You are going to be just fine.
Especially if you still have all of the other symptoms of pregnancy. :)
No worries.
(easier said that done)

e. said...

i've read that some bleeding can be very normal. but if you are really freaked out and want answers before your vacation it may be worth a call to your health care provider to see if you can have an ultra sound. i'll be thinking about you!

hotomiky said...

I understand totally how u feel...It would be wise to contact your doctor/health care provider with your condition. We will be thinking of you both.

Looking forward to meet u at the cruise :O)