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Sunday, June 24, 2007

This and that

Who knew growing a baby could be so tiresome? WOW! I'm tired. ALOT! Day before yesterday I was in the bed at 7:30 pm! And I didn't get up til the alarm went off at 6 am (well if you don't count all the times I had to get up to go potty...that's another thing. Where's all this pee coming from? ;o) ) The joys of pregnancy?
We got M's corrected passport in the mail yesterday. Thank goodness. It took 10 weeks to get it the first time and just 2 weeks to get the corrected one back. I didn't think we'd see it until after the cruise.

Speaking of cruise. It's only 13 days away! WOOWHOOO!! (There's that 13 again ;o) )

After 2 trips to Lowes and 2 coats of "pale daffodil" the yellow room is almost finished. We, well M, will tackle painting the ceiling today and then we just have to touch up the trim around the window and doors. I love it. It's so bright!

I'll post pics when it's all done. But don't expect anything fancy yall. We're just 2 chicks trying to update an older house a little on public safety salaries. We're doing the best we can. :o)

My dad is doing great! He went to see his heart doc and surgeon last week and they both gave him a clean bill of health! They told him to do whatever he wanted and if he started feeling worn out to rest. That's pretty simple huh? Thank the LORD! He sure has come along way. He says he feels like a new man. That's good. That's what the surgery was all about.

And get this. He hasn't smoked in 5 weeks! Way to go dad!!

Continuing thoughts and prayers go out to Two Moms a Turtle and a Butterfly. Here's to a speedy recovery.

And also to the families of the 9 firefighters who lost their lives in the Charlestown, SC fire.


hotomiky said...

13 days 13 days whoooo... cant wait!!!! I've been checking r family forum more often, gathering all stuffs together to make sure we bring everything that we need, going shopping, shopping on line, gone crazy but toooo exciting... My little girl M now is marking the days down. She said - big ship and sleep in ship hotel... so funny how she describes the cruise.

Can't wait...

Glad your dad is doing great!

Yes - I know the feeling of tiredness!!! Hang in there! :o)

e. said...

i didn't know tired till i was pregnant.

do yourself a favor and buy sea bands before you go our your cruise! hopefully morning sickness will wait till after your vacation, but if not sea bands are amazing while on land, so i imagine they'd help aboard a cruise! have fun!!!!

Kim said...

H-We are so excited! I wanna start packing now!

E-The sea band is already in the "to be packed" pile. ;o) I'm hoping not to need it but if I do, I hope it works!

K J and the kids said...

Tired.....oh ya. You are growing a baby and it's a LOT of work.

Good job dad. Glad he's doing good.
Have you told family yet ?

Kim said...

K-No, we haven't told the family yet. I think we've decided to wait til after the first ultrasound. Then we can kinda just give them the pic and go from there. :o) I don't know how we will do it...but we are trying our best to wait. It's harder not to tell M's family cuz they live right across the street from us and have asked about the painting and stuff. M's trying to blow them off til after the cruise and then after the ultra sound. We will be visiting my folks after the cruise to show them pics and stuff. Maybe we'll just slip the ultrasound pic in the album too. ;o)

A + C=3 kids said...

I think that's a cute idea to slip in the u/s picture with the pics of the cruise!!!! Tired.... Yeah....Sorry, It will get better and then you'll feel so much energy!!

tbean said...

So jealous of your cruise...have you seen the documentary All Aboard? We watched it from Netflix a few months ago and LOVED it!! Once we have a little one, we will definitely be taking an R family trip!

Merr said...

That is pretty funny,"where is all the pee coming from?"
I am so jealous that you guys are going on that cruise. How freakin' fun!
Glad to hear your dad is okay!