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Monday, June 4, 2007

Productive Weekend

Our weekend didn't go quite as we had planned but we ended up getting a lot done that we probably wouldn't have other wise. We spent almost the whole weekend in the office. CLEANING! It looks like a new room. I'm so proud of us. The office seemed to be the room that caught all the junk that we didn't really have a place for or was too lazy to put in its correct home. This cleaning also led to the guest room closet and ours as well. After numerous bags of trash, bags and boxes for the thrift shop, bags for M's mom and sister we were done. Now we've got clean closets and a new office!

That's one big thing I can mark off the "major things to do to the house before our baby arrives" list. Next will be painting and switching bedrooms and having the carpets cleaned plus a million other things but those are the big ones for now.

We had to scratch our Sunday kayaking trip due to rain but no tears were shed. That just meant when the alarm went off at 0545 we could go back to sleep. :o)
I'm back to work today and just a half day tomorrow. We're leaving tomorrow at 11 for Ky.
We finally got our passports in the mail Saturday. However M's is incorrect! They've got her place of birth being CA instead of VA! Erg! With the trip being just a month away we were a little worried. But I spoke to the cruise line folks and they said we wont need them for this trip (since we are no longer going to Bermuda due to protests! Totally another post!) so we are all good. M will just need to bring her birth certificate and picture ID. We're still going to send it back and get it corrected but seriously doubt it'll be back before July 6.
If you haven't been by to see the updated pics of Shelly and Dee's lil Riley over at 3 Dogs, 2 Moms, 1 Baby , click here. What a precious lil girl they have!


K J and the kids said...

You are nesting already ? :)
Sounds like a very productive weekend.
Do you do windows and floors ?

Sorry about the passports...what the hell ? I think since they screwed it up that they should rectify it in a timely manner.

Good thing you won't need it after all.

hotomiky said...

Wish We could do ours - in this house - need a major cleaning. haha hopefully one of those days!

Sorry abt passport. We havent gotten ours yet...

Good thing we don't need it for this july cruise. But we will be need for mexico cruise :o)