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Friday, June 29, 2007

5 day recap

Let's see. A few things have happened since my last post. I guess I'll begin with the painting. It's DONE! M finished up the nursery ceiling Wednesday while I did some trim thru out the house. It looks great! Pics will come as soon as we get some stuff put away and somewhat organized in that room. Right now the walls and ceilings are nice but there's junk everywhere. We're gonna try and tackle that tomorrow. I shouldn't say it's junk since one big item in it is our FREE crib! Yes...a FREE crib! WOOWHOO! M's partner at work has loaned us their new, only slept in about 2 hour crib. We're so excited over this. We had one picked out at babys r us for about $500. It was one of the new 3 way types. (crib, daybed/toddler bed, twin bed) A really nice one but hey...we'll settle for a new, free, in perfect condition, 2 way (crib, daybed/toddler bed) and it matches the dresser we already have.

We've decided that we're going to tell M's parents this weekend about the flower. This is only because word has gotten around to peeps we hadn't planned on telling yet and we don't want her parents finding out from someone other than us. M did tell her sister the other day and that went surprisingly well. :o) She was very happy for us. I think we are still in shock over that. However, we're still going to wait til after the cruise and ultrasound before telling my family.

I've kinda been stressing the last few days. I had a pregnancy/hormonal breakdown the other night with M. I cried for half an hour straight. ERG! It's kinda hard to explain but basically I was freaking out because I don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling or not feeling. And when I say feeling I mean physically feeling. I'm afraid that if I'm not feeling something that something is wrong and vice versa. When I do feel something I wonder if I should be. ERG again! Anyhow....so I called the doc and asked for another, a third, beta test. I thought that if I saw the numbers continuing to rise that would ease my mind some. It did. I was expecting to see WAY higher numbers but she explained to me that the numbers start to even out and as long as they hadn't lowered that things were ok. Things are ok. It showed 3114 this time. So hopefully I'll be ok for the next couple weeks until we go for the ultrasound. Wish me luck. Lord, wish M luck...she's the one that has to deal with me!

8 days til the cruise! Yipppeeee!


Michelle said...

Hey - Don't worry yourself sick, everything and anything will stress you if you do. I know it's hard not to worry... I was definitely a nervous wreck when pregnant with David... but if you worry too much then when you look back later you won't have good memories. I worried so much that in retrospect,I can only remember a few things about being pregnant with him. I plan to do things a little different the next time.
Thanks for the comment... add us... we'd love the feedback from everyone. can't wait to meet you guys in person. See you a week from tomorrow.

K J and the kids said...

Can't wait to see pictures.
Good luck with the family thing.
You will stress all the way to the moon and back :) ha ha

Merr said...

I always worried because i never felt anything. I never had morning sickness either. I used to joke that if it weren't for the big belly, I wouldn't believe I was pregnant!

Kim said...

Merr - Thanks! That's EXACTLY what I wanted someone to tell me! :o)

hotomiky said...

Cant wait to see pictures :o)

Whooo... 7 more days to go!!! Can't wait!!!!

Enjoy your pregnancy... I was worried sick when I was with K. I know the feeling.. Hang in there and try enjoy it! :o)