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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Let the 2 week wait begin!

We did it! That was certainly quick and painless. M and I arrived about 15 minutes early at the docs office. They took us back and Nurse Chick explained how it was all going to go down. She confirmed our donor number and had us confirm the number on the vial. That all checked out. M was shocked at how small the vial was. All she had seen was the big ole tank they came in.
Nurse Chick left the room so I could drop my drawers and get ready. After a quick trip the potty, I was ready. Doctor Dude then shows up and repeats what we had just been told. I sit, scoot and lay (Sounds like dog commands..anyhow) and things begin. Speculum was inserted. Catheter inserted. A bit of poking and pressure. Swimmers inserted. And that was that. It seemed to go on forever but was probably not even 5 minutes. The silence was the hard part. You could've heard a pin drop! After it was done M told them they need to have some mood music. Nurse Chick set a timer for 15 minutes and told me to lay there and rest until time was up. I did just that with my legs crossed(for luck and to keep those swimmers in there) and M by my side. We had a nice little chat involving swimming the best you can and sticking! Hope they listened! M even bribed them. Told them whoever got there first would be the winner and we'd buy them ice cream and a puppy and take them to the park. I offered a trip on the July cruise. :o) I know. I know. We're dorks but hopefully dorks with a baby dork on the way. Our timer buzzed and that was it. I got dressed and we told Nurse Chick and Doctor Dude we hoped to never see them again. Doctor Dude said only for the ultra sound. :o) I like the way he thinks. We then hit the road and back to work we went.

Has it been 2 weeks yet?


Merr said...

"Has it been two weeks yet?" Ha Ha HA very funny. This will be the longest two weeks ever. Try to keep yourselves preoccupied so it will go faster.
Oh and CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st and hopefully only TWW!!!

Melissa said...

I have fingers AND toes crossed for you.

K J and the kids said...

Famous last words.
I hope they ring true for you.