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Saturday, April 7, 2007


Yes. Snow. On April 7. On my flowers.

I can only assume this happened because I bragged about our sunny days and Merr and KJ just had to pay me back. :o) ERG! I'm sorry. Ill never do it again. I love the snow.....but....my tulips! My daffodils!

I wished for snow on Christmas. NOT on our birthday weekend.

Better late than never?

I'm finished now. :o)

Enjoy the Easter weekend yall!


eek said...

Happy Easter (and birthdayS?)! Hope the snow subsides soon!

Kim said...

Eek - Yes, birthdayS. M's was yesterday and mine is tomorrow. :o) Thanks! Happy Easter to you too.

Mommy & Mama & Cubs said...

Happy Birthday to you BOTH! Hope you birthday weekend is good one beside snow.

Happy Easter :o)

Yes Yes - blame on KJ and Merr... hee hee

Merr said...

Aw pay back's a biatch eh! No just kidding, that really sucks about the snow. Hopefully it melts real fast.