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Monday, April 23, 2007

Busy Weekend

Friday - M finally returned this evening from her week away at class. Thank GOD! Sure was lonely around here.

Saturday - M slept in. I was up at 6, as usual and worked til 3. This evening was "the girls', M's twin neices 9th B-Day party at the park. They had about 15 or so of their school friends there from 3-5pm and then the little kiddies where gone and it was family time. I met several new aunts, uncles and cousins. The girls racked up on presents. Loads of money. We tried to sweet talk them into going grocery shopping with us....but they were too smart for that. Dang it! :o) M and I had decided that Sunday would be, for real this time, diet day. I hate diet days! So we enjoyed the hamburgers, hotdogs, baked beans, chips and cake at the party. (M wanted to start the diet today. I said no way can you do that on a birthday party day....knowing there will be cake! She agreed) After the party was grocery time. Had to stock up on lots of rabbit food and all that healthy stuff that WILL help us lose our weight. We ARE going to do it this time. We've made up our minds. Our goals are 10-15 lbs for me and 15-20lbs for M. We'd love to have most of this gone by our cruise in July.

Sunday - BEAUTIFUL day! Was in the 80's. We were both off. M mowed our lawn while I ran out for a few more groceries then she mowed the out-laws lawn while I loaded old flower bed bricks for the dump and washed my truck. We wrapped up the evening together by washing her fire car, grilling some chicken, enjoying dinner at home and with me lathering lotion on M's super dooper sunburn. OUCH! She'll never learn. Very fair skin + sun - lotion = BURN!

Monday - Another beautiful day! Today we were up around 630 and on the road by 730 to return the tank to the bank. 5 hours, 1 soda break(diet of course) and 3 potty breaks, we were back home. Had lunch together and M was off again for 2 more days of class. I soaked up sun for about an hour, took Mundy for a walk and then caught up on your lives. M just called. She made it to the hotel. Now time for dinner(healthy and low cal)

Tomorrow - ROOT CANAL!!


K J and the kids said...

Glad you had a busy weekend.

GOOD LUCK with the root canal.

Mommy, Mama & Cubs said...

Busy wknd!

Good Luck with the root canal. Hope you will not feel any pains. I had a root canal and it was painless! Whew!

Dee said...

Ouch! Not to root canals! Yuck.

I agree, this was a good weekend. I got a lot accomplished myself. But, I didn't get the rabbit food. I need to but I've put it off again. GOOD LUCK!!!

Sara said...

You sound very busy. Good luck with the root canal - in my experience, you're always better off afterward (and, really, they're not so bad!!)

Merr said...

Good luck with the weight loss, and good luck with the root canal. Neither one is fun, but both are important!