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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rings and Things

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for M and I. Let me back track a bit and then I'll bring you back to yesterday.

We committed ourselves to each other December 26 2004. It was just the 2 of us. No big production. We each wrote a little something...vows I guess...and read it to each other. September the following year M gave me the post beautiful ring. (If I knew how to post pics Id post one but until then....) Its a "past, present, future" ring from Zales. Beautiful. I love it!

M isn't a jewelry person. She wore a thin gold necklace with a small cross on it for the longest time (before we met) it eventually broke and both were lost. Knowing that she wanted another and that she wouldn't wear a ring (didn't even wear her High School ring back in the day), I purchased a necklace and cross and gave it to her for Valentines Day last year.

But with our decision to start a family we both thought it would be nice to have something to "show" people that we are together/married/committed. A little something, a symbol, that would be visible when people saw us together. Atleast give them something to think about.

So the next step would be to find that perfect ring for my illegal wife.

That brings us to yesterday. We called up a friend of ours, Brittany, who went with M to pick out my ring and met her at the mall to find one for M. The ring had to be simple. A gold band was just too plain and a typical engagement type ring was too big. We needed something smooth as to not get in the way of the new fire marshall. :o) We checked out a couple of jewelers and eventually decided on THE ring. A very beautiful gold band with 9 channel set diamonds from Kay Jewelers. The only problem was that the ring was a tiny bit too small. A size 7 and we needed a 7.5. It will take a week to get it back from being resized. So M's finger will have to remain naked until then. But come next Wednesday she'll be sporting a beautiful wedding band for the whole world to see.


Now time to get ready for our double date with Brittany and her man in uniform (Ofc Rose) or Rosebud as we affectionately call him.

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Anonymous said...

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Best regards and good luck to you on your fertility journey. I will continue to read and hope for your success!

Take care,
Angela DeBello
PS: Please don't be put off by my "anonymous" title, I'm not registered in Google/Blogger but am very willing to provide you with my contact info so that you can confirm my legitimacy!