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Friday, February 16, 2007

Delayed Valentine's Day

I love a good surprise.

I received a beautiful one today.

Wednesday, while all the girls at work were receiving flowers from their honeys, I smiled and went on about my business. Even tho the cards attached weren't addressed to me, I still got to enjoy them. They were all over the office.

Well, today while everyone was tossing out their empty chocolate boxes and picking dead petals off their flowers...

I got my own! Aren't they beautiful?

I love flowers! Daffodils are my favorite but I get pleasure from all kinds. I guess I get that from my mom. She's a flower lover as well and passed it on to me. Thanks Mom.

M surprised me last year with a huge arrangement of daffodils!! Very difficult to find in February. They were beautiful!

The card reads:

~Everyday should be Valentine's Day~

Isn't M the sweetest? :o)

I should wrap this up now. Gotta get ready for our Feb 16 Valentine's Day date. :o)


We both have a 3 day weekend, so we're hitting the road in the morning to see my folks (and hopefully some snow) in Ky. 8 hour road trip...here we come!

Yall have a great weekend!


*Thanks for the flowers baby! I love you!*

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Dee said...

What a sweet girl friend! I love flowers. I never get them. But I love them. You're a lucky girl. Enjoy your long weekend. Have a safe trip.